Monday, October 17, 2005

Rainbow Emergency Management Assembly- Waveland, Mississippi

Went to Waveland to help with the families kitchen. Met some new friends there, some with the family, some not. Anyone who wants printable pictures(larger, cleaner) leave a comment indicating which pictures you want with your e-mail address and I will get them to you. Here are the pictures:

Jesse, cool christian brother.
Maurey= Awesome
He didn't want his picture taken. Helped me with a spiritual understanding of fear being the opposite of love, instead of anger. All the way from SoCal.

Leviticus with cigarette. Likes to wave sage in crowds at music festivals.
Clovis and his sister, both really phriendly pholks.

Arjay and others. Wished I could have spent more time with this group. But the only thing that was constant other than change was work.

Two kids from youth initiative school in Wisconsin. Really cool, self sufficient, 16 years old.

This guy came from wisconsin. His sister knew clovis from organic valley. He read alot.
Our food was really, really good.
These two brothers(above) are some road dogs I gave a ride from meridian to waveland. They were interesting pholks. They had been hitchiking for 18 days when I picked them up. Luckily, they had gotten a shower the night before I showed up.

This was actually north of the I-11 causeway near lake pontchartrain, when I made my day trip to New Orleans to help open a new kitchen (which didn't actually materialize). Yes that is a picture of several houses. Took a little night visit to Bourbon Street. It was actually up and running, even though the rest of the city was empty. About 40% of the shops and bars were open. There were help wanted signs everywhere. Got tanked, good times.


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