Sunday, September 18, 2005

Baton Rouge Red Cross

So, I went to the river center in Baton Rouge and spent a little time with Deanne with Barefoot Doctor's Academy transporting midwives and methadone patients. This was following Hurricaine Katrina and there were about 2000 evacuees at the red cross shelter where I was working. I ran into a few rednecks and hippies along the way and this really cool guy playing guitar, not to mention Rev. J Jacks. I listened to the Dead with a methadone addict and bonded with him. He was really happy that I did what I could to help him get his medicine and claimed that he would send me his laptop as a gift. Really sweet guy, named Gary, I think. Best part was getting tanked with the country boys and evacuees living at the camp site next door. I think I am going to visit them this summer. Good times. Fulfilling work. Long and strange.


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